How to use NAMi to make yeast dough?

How to use NAMi to make yeast dough?

Any diluted NAMI can be used in the making of yeast dough by adding some in the initial phase (spray 4-5 times) and, optionally, also some in the following-up renewals of the dough (spray 1-2 times). Whole-wheat flour is to be preferred (type 1) and a teaspoon of honey to feed a little the microorganisms.
  • 200 gr organic whole-wheat flour type “0” or ” 1″
  • 100 cl water
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • spray 4 – 5 times of diluted NAMI
Mix together and then let is rest under the cover of a humid cloth/fabric. Every other day renew the dough (if some crust has formed make sure to remove it) by adding 100gr of organic whole-wheat flour, 50cl of water and spray NAMI 1-2 times.  After the 4th “renewal” of the dough, it’s possible to switch to renewals every 5-7 days. After a month the dough should be ready.

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