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What does collaborating with NAMI translate into?

our living and working philosophy

NAMI is a way of living, one of the many possible ways to understand LIFE: we decided to take part in this by creating a unique bond with our host, also known as NATURE. NAMI is nothing but the translation of WAVE from the Japanese language; like a wave propagates from deep back in the ocean all the way to land, we think of NAMI a way to reproduce and spread globally the same life-boosting force. Everything is born and returns to water.

The same concept applies to how we setup our sales system: by letting NAMI being ditributed on a person-to-person basis, we focus on sharing individual experiences hence encouraging information and awareness of the product. Each consultant in our network works independently across the whole nation (we will be moving a new branch to Spain -> we’re selecting a few possible candidates for positions, interested please apply at take the role of Direct Sales Managers (Incaricato alle Vendite Dirette) as per mentioned in law 173 of 2005.

How to become a NAMI collaborator?

join one of our courses & become part of the project

Becoming a NAMI Collaborator involves a process of learning and being informed, especially designed for all those looking to get to know more the World of Microorganism and, as a result, NAMI itself. To be part of our Collaborator Team, it is strictly required to attend (online attendance not available) in full one of our “3-Day Training Course” at our logistic department in Lazise (VR) – Italy. The Training Course aims to teach basic knowledge of Microbiology (including scientific studies), as well as all other subjects that interact with Microorganisms e.g. Chemistry, Electromagnetic Waves, Quantum Physics, Perceptions, General Culture and a lot more.  During this period, it will also be explained “How We Produce NAMI Base” and the products related to it. We will also explain how to introduce Microorganisms in our daily routine in the more effective and less time-consuming way.  Three full days where we will meet up not just to study but also to join forces. A team to spread word about this Invisible World, of which very little is known and of which a lot should be known, that we relay need to grasp to live healthily. 


Participation is only reserved to those who went ahead and tried NAMI Products. Anybody who has yet to try our products or is not entirely happy with them, won’t be allowed to join the course. Additionally, only by being present all three days and on time (we preach being on-time is very important), each participant will be given a Certificate and, optionally, also the possibility to become a NAMI Collaborator on-site by signing the related legal contract. In order to keep the advantages, a Collaborator is required to take part in at least two Training Courses, meant to be Refresher Courses, per year. The cost for each Refresher Course will be of 30€, inclusive of all the material and coffee-breaks of the three days (lunches are paid apart). Payment will be accepted on arrival on-site in cash.

For all fist-timers the price of the Training Course is 200€ which includes both three days of study with Patrizia & Alessandro but also the participation of certain researchers who will share and explain us their latest studies. 
Each participant will be gifted an Organic Cotton NAMI Tote Bag which will contain a Study Manual, Collection of Research Studies, NAMI Pencil, Small Notebook for notes & an Additional Gift.
Lunches will be organised and held at the same location. These will be vegetarian (no fish, no meat) and made only with naturally-grown organic products devoid of pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals in general. Coffee-breaks during the day are included in the price whilst the price for lunch (one time, one person) is 12€, to be paid on-site in cash.
There are limited spaces for the events hence payment for the Training Course will have to follow maximum 72h after registration. Once payment will be received, your space as well as admission to the course will then be confirmed. Registering solely with your information and not doing the follow-up payment will not be considered valid.

How to organize NAMI Conferences/Events?

learn, gain experience & become an independent collaborator

NAMI is the Japanese word for WAVE, likewise we wish our wave of change to spread all over the oceans & lands around the world. Your help is the best we can ask for to spread this message further. That’s why we need YOU.  By organizing a public conference/event (we ask a min. 25 people) you’ll help us share the ways of NAMI with people willing to learn about a new way of living they can make use in their daily life.*


*Currently, we do not accept conference organise online as we value being able to teach & share information face to face; additionally, requesting dates for a conference can only be done through the link found below (other requests sent by email/message/telegram/phone call etc… will not be considered).

We firmly believe in this project and for this reason we expect nothing less from each consultant. If our views match, we would be thrilled to have you on board with us trying to change the world into a better place.

Training Course Current Calendar

learn about the world of the microorganisms

14giu(giu 14)10:00 am16(giu 16)6:00 pmCorso di Microbiologia Applicata per diventare consulenti NAMI (evento in presenza)6 Persone parteciperanno

The 3-day NAMI Training Course has the main goal to introduce to everyone the World of Microorganisms, but more importantly, its Applications useful for anyone’s daily life (currently our courses are only being held in Italian).

3-day Training Course


NAMI’s philosophy, our ethical code and how to take part in the project. We will introduce the World of NAMI Probiotic Microorganisms: what does the term “be healthy” mean? Spreading knowledge is at the base of everything!


Today will be dedicated to go into detail on some subjects of Microbiology by using some specialised equipments prepared for us by the microbiologist who collaborate with us. Understanding how does such invisible world, inside and outside ourselves, is key for leading our daily actions toward a state of well-being whilst straying away from sickness. We’ll examine technical-scientific documents (e.g. tests & analysis taken on NAMI), educational videos and a lot more material to really grasp bio-chemical processes which are going to be essential for understanding the lab data.


What is NAMI, how NAMI get produced and other general possible applications of the mix. We’ll discuss which environments benefit more from using probiotics products like NAMI; we’ll split them by prominent features and will explain how to adapt to different unique environmental situations.  Our products will be introduced as well as our business model and our communications channels where thousands of reviews are left behind daily by our customers.


NAMI Logistics Department – Via Cioso SNC, 37017 Lazise (VR)


Lunches will be organised by NAMI Project and held indoor/outdoor (weather depending) of the NAMI logistics department. The food served will only be Vegetarian and made strictly only by Organic Products.

The fee for one lunch for one person is 12€


Take part in the Lunches at NAMI is completely optional.


IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO PARTIALLY ATTEND THE TRAINING COURSE, for example for a few hours, or just a single day instead of the full three-day: the program must be attended as whole. The Certificate, together with the possibility to immediately become a collaborator, will only be given to those who attended the WHOLE event. We also kindly ask you to be punctual as a form of respect for the other participants; this will also allow us to start and finish on-time.


Doors will close at around 10.15am so to start at 10:30am on the minute (except the first day which will be registration day).


*Participants will be given a (1) Study Manual, (2) Organic Cotton NAMI Tote Bag, (3) Collection of Research Studies, (4) NAMI Pencil, (5) Notebook for Notes, (6) Additional Gift and a Certificate of Attendance.


**The course will REQUIRE physical presence and will be lead by Patrizia and Alessandro, to know more about it READ THE PROGRAM HERE


***The first day will be about the basics (hours 10:30am-6:00pm) whilst the 2nd-3rd day will start at 10:00am to end at 6:00pm; the price for the full 3-Day Training Course is 200.00€/pp.  The price for current NAMI Collaborators wishing to take their Refresher Course will instead be 30.00€ only. For those NAMI Collaborators who contributed in subscribing a participant to the course, the Refresher Course will be free.

<<Click on this link for more information about Terms and Cancellation Policies (ITA)>> 

NAMI PROJECT focus on activily encouraging TRASFORMATION in our lifestyles to create a unique life philosophy in agreement with the principles of Nature… Read more>>

*The code necessary to complete the contract will be given during the training course