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What does collaborating with NAMI translate into?

our living and working philosophy

NAMI is a way of living, one of the many possible ways to understand LIFE: we decided to take part in this by creating a unique bond with our host, also known as NATURE. NAMI is nothing but the translation of WAVE from the Japanese language; like a wave propagates from deep back in the ocean all the way to land, we think of NAMI a way to reproduce and spread globally the same life-boosting force. Everything is born and returns to water.

The same concept applies to how we setup our sales system: by letting NAMI being ditributed on a person-to-person basis, we focus on sharing individual experiences hence encouraging information and awareness of the product. Each consultant in our network works independently across the whole nation (we will be moving a new branch to Spain -> we’re selecting a few possible candidates for positions, interested please apply at take the role of Direct Sales Managers (Incaricato alle Vendite Dirette) as per mentioned in law 173 of 2005.

We firmly believe in this project and for this reason we expect nothing less from each consultant. If our views match, we would be thrilled to have you with us trying to change the world into a better place.

A small analysis of benefits and general features of NAMI to judge if that’s what you’re looking for:

  • NAMI is a dating project aimed to reduce our waste on a daily basis
  • By using NAMI both Earth and Us stay healthy
  • Earning money by helping the planet
  • The sales network only involve three levels and a bonus
  • Possibility to participate at our 2-day training course fully organised by NAMI
  • Any future training updates are free of charge
  • No clauses, should you wish for it our contract can be close at any time

Once part of our community, join us in walking this innovative and diverse road where MAN & NATURE inter-relationship sits at the core.

NAMI PROJECT focus on activily encouraging TRASFORMATION in our lifestyles to create a unique life philosophy in agreement with the principles of Nature… Read more>>

How to organise conferences/events for NAMI?

learn, experience and become our consultant

You’re now aware that NAMI means WAVE. Your help is crucial for carrying this well-being message as far and wide as possible. By organising a public conference/event with at least 15 participants you’ll help us spread our thinking and philosophy about NAMI all over.*

*Currently, we’re back to face-to-face basis as well as online conferences/live events on both Zoom & Facebook.


2-day Training Course

learn about the world of the microorganisms

The 2-day NAMI Training Course has the main goal to introduce the world of Microorganisms and its Applications in our daily Life to its trainees.


First quarter: dedicated to learning topics about microbiology thanks to the help specialised tools brought to you by our collaborating microbiology experts. Before doing any action toward general wellbeing we need to understand how the invisible world inside us and out there in nature work simultaneously. Awareness of what’s inside and around us is key!

Second quarter: we will discuss scientific/technical documents (eg. test taken on NAMI products), informative videos and other kind of material related to bio-chemical processes. All materials used will be supported by data gathered from the practical lab studies.


Third quarter: we will start off by talking about space where its essential to use probiotic products (like NAMI); then we will divide them by specific characteristics depending on the unique environmental “needs” of a certain space.

Fourth quarter: we will introduce our products and sales network, share the main communication channels we adoperate and lastly read some of our latest customer experiences.


*Trainees will be sent (online course) or given in loco (face-to-face course) an extended informative manual exclusive of the course as well as a certification of attendance.

**The course will take place online on ZOOM (online course), or at the location found on the event card (face-to-face course) -> Read more about it READ THE COURSE PROGRAM HERE

***Starting daily at 10:00am and finishing at 6:00pm, price of €70.00 (online course)/€100.00 (face-tp-face course) per person

****Future participations to other training course is free of charge since they will be considered career updates

*The code necessary to complete the contract will be given during the training course