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What is NAMI but most importantly what is it made of ?


NAMI is a microorganisms mix where different species coexist and cooperate among each other. It is mainly composed by 4 strains of microorganisms: (1) Lactic Acid Bacteria, (2) Photosynthetic Bacteria, (3) Yeasts, (4) Fungi


Then, this mix includes some selected microorganisms from the many such as Lacobacillus bulgaricus,casei, fermentum etc… Rhodopseudomonas palustris, sphaerodies etc.. Aspergillus oryzae, Candida utili, Mucor, Bifidobacterium animales e bifides.


The starting point for this mix is whats called “mother” which gets activated by us, or in other words, we add water and molasses and leave the whole thing sitting for at least 15 days at a room temperature where lactic fermentation can naturally occur. The reason for this is that the number of microorganisms increases exponentially.


The resulting liquid is brown and has a unique fermented aroma with a sting of licorice. The spectrum of aroma and concentration can vary due to the processo of fermentation being completely untouched and natural.


Once the perfectly balanced liquid has been selected, we call this mix NAMI (from Japanese meaning “wave”), a pure concentrated microorganisms product to which nothing else has been added to change its natural processes. This product is free of GMO.

Like the wave needed to oxygenate water that never stops, so are we bringing information about the beautiful world of microorganisms.


Key Features of Nami


All certificates and tests carried on by the Microbiology Department at the University Of Ferrara are readily available online on the current website.






tanica 5L nuova '23

NAMI BASE substitutes all detergents used for housecleaning, can be used to wash your pet’s fur or bowls alike, and the leftover water, not needed anymore, can be simply poured in your flower vases, orchard or garden to improve its yield.

lozione 100ml

Multipurpose Lotion & Solid Almond Oil for a delicate treatment during your daily personal hygiene routine. The result is a brighter & more hydrated skin thanks to its microorganisms friendly properties.

nami drink ordinale '23

NAMI DRINK, a microorganisms-based probiotic beverage (1L), is one way to introduce NAMI into your daily diet. Help your gut with nature. Available in ORIGINAL or RASPBERRY flavour.

tanica 5L agri nuova '23

NAMI AGRI respects the delicate microbiota balance (both internal & external) of animals, plants and soil. Made for outdoors, its particular pH makes it a perfect pick for gardens, orchards, fields, animal boxes, stables and much more!

shampo 500ml

ShampooNAMI, shampoo with smooth detergent properties, perfect for even the most delicate type of hair (e.g. kid’s hair). Extracts of living probiotics & passiflora (soothing properties) work together to respect the hair’s microbiota. We suggest use it along with SapoNAMI, handmade artisanal probiotic bar of soap perfect for your body’s daily needs. SapoNAMI provides a cleaning natural hydration whilst protecting & promoting growth of your skin and its own microbiota.  

intonami nuovo '23

IntoNAMI (15L), plaster made of hemp shives, aged dolomitic lime putty, NAMI Microorganisms mix and water. Currently, this is the only product – for both outer & inner walls – that solves issues such as mold, humidity, water pockets & cold walls. Refreshing summers & cozy winters.

kit start nuovo '23

NAMI KITS are designed to be introductory kits as well as innovative gift ideas. More convenient, featuring a variety of products: this is the first step togate to know the marvellous world of NAMI Microorganisms.

spray 500ml nuovo '23

NAMI Accessories include empty spray bottle, empty NAMI bottle, small flask for travelling and anything else you might need to use NAMI at its best.