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The Good Bacteria

In the past, “good” bacteria were considered aerobic bacteria (those that can create energy and survive only in presence of oxygen) whilst “bad” bacteria were the anaerobic bacteria (those that need absence of oxygen to thrive as oxygen does, in fact, inhibit their growth). Nonetheless, nowadays we’re certain that various anaerobic bacteria e.g. lactobacilli (L.bifidus, used to produce yogurt) present in our intestine, zymogens (produce enzymes and are responsible for fermentation), sulfur & sulfate reducers, green-blue photosynthesis bacteria and many more… are all vital microorganisms in our bodies.

These thrive feeding on DUST, TOXINS, PATHOGENS and several other things that produce a bad smell and hence are going through degenerative process such as putrefaction and decomposition.

Inside the NAMI formula, those anaerobic bacteria related to photosynthesis and fermentation, coexist in the same space, allowing other aerobic bacteria to exist thanks to their oxygen production. As a result, those initial degenerative processes gets transformed into regenerative processes over time.

This is the core objective of microorganisms: shifting a mainly oxidative degenerative environment into an purely regenerative environment.

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