Teruo Higa’s Philosophy

We believe it’s also important for everyone to know Prof. Teruo Higa’s philosophy, also known as the inventor of the technology we’re using nowadays. It was thanks to his work on microorganisms that we got inspired to create what NAMI is today. The idea was simple: bring awareness, to everyone from kids to seniors, on the benefits of applying an “eco-friendly behavior” on a daily basis.

Being followers of such a harmonious way-of-thinking, we are doing our best to carry on Higa’s legacy and sharing his green thoughts with anyone wishing to get involved with either microorganisms or NAMI.

The core of Higa’s philosophy involves the complete absence and avoidance of competition (usually considered a main pillar for economic growth). Instead, the harsh competition is replaced by cooperation.

“A society oppressed by an unnecessary and destructive large amount of products, will only see happiness upon converting from competition to cooperation, for everyones good”, says Prof. Higa.

Higa’s wish is for this microorganisms world and their use to be known by everyone, all nations, all cultures, all believes, everyone and not just a few elite people. Therefore, he asks for the product to be sold at fair price in way for it to be affordable by everyone, even those who just have a little.

He wants his discoveries and technologies to be readily available to everyone and that is why, back in the past when he discovered the microorganisms potential, he decided against patenting the product.

The good news is that there are many other similar microorganism-based products on the market. It’s important to realize that microorganisms are not synthesized chemicals but livings organisms and hence have to be treated accordingly. In certain instances, manipulating or pairing microorganisms with other substances could result in killing them or negatively affect their efficacy.