Tank Concentrated NAMI (Agriculture) – 20L


Plants, soil and animals too have their own microbiota. Respecting the balance of its equilibrium is what keeps it healthy. The product features a pH 4.5 and for this reason we suggest always diluting it from 1:10 to 1:30 (may vary depending on circumstances) with lukewarm water. Once finished, we will collect, wash & re-use your plastic tank, whilst you hold onto the small tap for your next brand-new tank.


Mix of concentrated microorganisms, probiotics, water and molasses. Pure formula not containing any heavy metals or perfume/aromas.


*The NAMI Tanks are available in five sizes: : (1) Tank 5 Litres (2) Tank 10 Litres (3) Tank 20 Litres, (4) Tank 650 Litres e (5) Tank 1000 Litres. Each tank includes a re-usable tap*

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