Tank Concentrated NAMI – 5L


The NAMI tanks are the perfect choice for all those who wish and plan to use NAMI on a daily basis. Thanks to its several uses aside from the household ones, by buying tanks not only it will be cheaper for anyone but NAMI will be better preserved over time. Don’t forget that we will collect, wash & re-use your plastic tank, whilst you hold onto the small tap for your next brand-new tank. Don’t throw them away, help us recycle!


NAMI BASE substitutes all detergents used for housecleaning, can be used to wash your pet’s fur or bowls alike, and the leftover water, not needed anymore, can be simply poured in your flower vases, orchard or garden to improve its yield.


Composition: Mix of concentrated microorganisms, probiotics, water and molasses. Pure formula not containing any heavy metal or perfume/aromas, cruelty-free (no animal testing).


* The NAMI Tanks are available in three sizes: (1) Tank 3 Litres, (2) Tank 5 Litres e (3) Tank 10 Litres. Includes a re-usable tap (to avoid unnecessary waste, request it during the order).

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