Refill Multipurpose Lotion NAMI – 500mL


The biggest, greenest and more convenient size. The Refill (500ml) for NAMI Multipurpose Lotion, is the right choice to save and help the environment at the same time. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to refill the small 100ml bottle of NAMI Multipurpose Lotion, whilst avoiding to buy any additional unnecessary packaging which would result in more waste.


*If you give us back the bottle after its use, we will re-use it to avoid extra waste!


Ingredienti: Aqua [water], Lactobacillus, Lactobacillus ferment, Bifida ferment extract, Bifidobacterium, Yeast, Yeast extract, Lactic acid, Glucose, Lactobacillus/sugar cane extract ferment filtrate, Sucrose, Salicylic acid.