NAMI Drink Lamponami – 1L


One way to introduce NAMI into our daily diet is by drinking NAMI DRINK, a microorganisms-based probiotic beverage (1L) available in ORIGINAL or RASPBERRY flavour. NAMI DRINK embodies the meaning of natural lactic fermentation, free from preservatives, added sugars, gluten, alcohol and lactose. During the fermentation process, due to a self-preservation mechanism, the ingredients needed by lactic bacterias are preserved thanks to the production of lactic acid. Hence, the final product still contains organic acids, living acid-resistant microorganism cultures & a lovely subtle aroma of organic raspberry juice*.
*only available for the raspberry flavour

Around 30-80ml per day (e.g. espresso coffee cup) – to be taken at empty stomach – is the suggested dosage yet bigger dosages will only have positive effects on us. Starting out, we suggest adhering to the above-mentioned daily average dosage and then slowly increase it if no particular results are obtained. NAMI Drink can be diluted with water, or simply enjoyed as is. Avoid adding any warm liquids as you would kill the majority of the microorganisms at the base of NAMI.


The ingredients mentioned below are the ones added to the mix pre-fermentation. During the process of fermentation, said ingredients are transformed by the living microorganisms. All of the lactic acid bacteria in the NAMI Drink tolerate the acidity of the stomach and can therefore survive up until one of the key area of our body: our intestine.


Ingredients: water, sugar cane juice, fermentation cultures (microorganisms), salt, raspberry juice*

*applies to raspberry flavour only


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