Multipurpose Lotion NAMI – 100mL


Toning lotion (100ml) of acidic pH, perfect for delicatly meeting your daily personal hygiene needs of face, body and hair (dandruff). The result is a brighter & more hydrated skin thanks to its microorganisms friendly properties.

Due to a natural competition among bacteria, probiotics are able to fight off pathogens e.g. acne, by bringing back a healthy skin’s microbiota.

Thanks to it’s unique composition, it’s positive effects will be visible on both scalp and hair. Enriching the skin’s microbiota with good probiotics leads to a natural process where smell-related bacteria (cause of smell like feet or armpit) are eliminated. It also helps mantain your physiological balance as well as repopulating the microorganism communities of your private parts. Protects your mouth from external threats. It’s also extremely effective against dandruff since it compresses the microorganism responsible for it (Malassezia furfur).

INCI (Ingredients): Aqua [water], Lactobacillus, Lactobacillus ferment, Bifida ferment extract, Bifidobacterium, Yeast, Yeast extract, Lactic acid, Glucose, Lactobacillus/sugar cane extract fement filtrate, Sucrose, Salicylic acid.

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