Our Philosophy

We can make a difference,

for a better world tomorrow

Choosing to produce NAMI can be easily summarized into few words: we want to live on a healthier planet Earth. We are an intrinsic part of Nature and, for that reason, it’s essential for all of us to understand that by protecting Nature we’re also protecting ourselves at the same time. Swaying away from a society tearing down our well-being in exchange for maximum efficiency, is nota healthy lifestyle. Through NAMI we’re trying to do a little something to aid our planet, hopefully meeting & collaborating with like-minded people along the way.

We strongly believe that in the world where we live today, it’s crucial to raise awareness toward the balance yet fragility of our environment. Remember that this is all that we got, and there is no Planet B. To preserve this order of things, we are responsible for leaving a better, cleaner and healthier world to the future generations. Therefore, by introducing an environment-friendly frame of mind, we can all, day by day, try avoid “polluting” behaviors and especially products.

NAMI was simply born as a follow-up of this philosophy. Something that could help us contribute to a greener world without affecting our modern comfort.

NAMI is an all-in-one product which embodies the work of several other products. We all know that polluting packaging puts a heavy weight on the green belt of the planet; thanks to our multipurpose products the need for many other products (and related polluting packaging for the environment) will be just a memory of the past.

We have been following the research on Microorganisms combinations & effectiveness inside NAMI for more than 15 years and we can say only one thing: we believe in NAMI. We hope in the future we will all embrace the microorganisms way as the new form of “normality” for cleaning, purifying and keeping a perfect equilibrium in our living spaces (and much more!).

And this brings us to the core task, or better said, our Mission: we will keep providing a front for FREE INFORMATION for everyone who wishes to learn about this world. Because information is freedom, and only when you’ll given that freedom then you’ll be able to choose objectively.

We’re happy to know we’re not the only ones who recognized the power of Microorganisms. The more of us out there trying to make this world a healthier place, the better: we all need to get involved in spreading the information about this growing community. We dream of a world where the need for chemical and harmful products will not exist.

We can all try to contribute already to a global getting-better plan; starting to use microorganisms to grow crops, finally eat some REAL NATURAL food, use microrganismi in living spaces, both for us and our animals. And then the cycle of microorganism will start again, by starting at the base we have the power to choose a better future for everyone.

Cooperation and collaboration: unity is strength!

Our fundamental values highly gravitate around Ethics, Fairness and Respect. We discourage competition as we believe the natural way to improve, become better selves and eventually reaching an equilibrium is through cooperation and collaboration./p>

Our sales network is a perfect reflection of our values: the distribution of our products, uniquely through people and shops that share our mission to spread free information and awareness about the hidden world of the microorganisms. On top of a well-established and fair sales network, we also consider our customers feedback to be an essential priority. For this reason, over the years, we have created a community of like-minded people where anyone can share their first-hand experience with our microorganisms.


Any non-recycled material

All GMO (or related) products

All non-ecosustainable products

Ingredients with traces of heavy metals

Products involved with any form of child labour

Products involved with any form of labour slavery

Production that pollutes the environment


Multipurpose product to reduce pollution

Organic and eco-friendly materials

Re-usable containers to avoid unnecessary pollution

Free up-to-date scientific information

Ethics & Respect in the workplace

Constant research in the eco-sustainability field