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Nami Outdoors

A new horizon in the world of NAMI

nature’s strength always with you

NAMI Outdoors is an idea born from a simple need: always having NAMI readily available. NAMI, the multipurpose product that instead of harming the environment, it helps keeping it balanced.

Thanks to its composition, NAMI Outdoors is ideal for all those outdoor activities such as -but not limited to- fishing, winter sports, hiking/trekking, sailing/boats and camping.

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For boats & sailing

always travelling together

You can clean any kind of wooden surface and on bigger boats it’s also great for cleaning bathrooms (e.g. WC, showers, sink etc..). NAMI also helps removing molds and bad smell from all living spaces. Contrary to the norm, if NAMI ends up in the sea/lake/river water it DOES NOT POLLUTE the environment but actually HELP IMPROVE the equilibrium of the environment it gets put in: nature to nature.


For outdoor sports

trekking/hiking, skiing and much more!

NAMI is just the right choice; for outdoor sports such as cycling, trekking/hiking, skiing, etc…) it can help us clean a wide variety of things, and materials, without having to worry about spilling it on the ground (remember that NAMI helps the environment!). You’ll be able to clean trainers/sneakers, gym tools, sporting equipment or any other dirty sport-related clothing.

For camping

the ideal companion in the wild

NAMI will help you respect the Nature at the fullest. On camper-vans, NAMI can be used for essentially anything (e.g. surfaces, cooking/dishes/cutlery, WC/sinks/showers etc…). NAMI can also be added to the water tanks connected to the WC/sink. It’s also encouraged to use NAMI for general every day laundry.

For all kind of physical activity

exercising in the outdoors

NAMI is extremely useful for physical activities as it substitutes chemical detergents and can clean anything from tools, yoga mats, clothing and more. Once again, the excess NAMI that ends up in the environment will do no harm but instead will help the environment.

For fishing

how to avoid harming habitat & ecosystem

NAMI is also great for fishing. Thanks to NAMI, you’ll be able to dry-clean (no need to add water to clean, NAMI will suffice) fishooks, all parts of the fishing rod and any other object. NAMI can also be sprayed on rubber boots, jackets or other piece of clothing with a fish-y smell. Needless to remind you that excess NAMI leftovers do not harm but instead help the ecosystems/habitats/environment you find yourself in.