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NAMI cleans your world


Thanks to the special blend NAMI every little corner in your house will be as clean as new. NAMI will create a safe and spotless environment, without removing the useful microorganisms, where kids can crawl and play even on the floor.


Acting as a life-booster for the soil, NAMI promotes a healthy plant growth. Thanks to its natural pesticide-like features, it keeps the annoying insects away whilst removing or, better said, “eating” their eggs.


Homes, animal shelters and breeding centers alike. NAMI protects our four-legged friends for a better experience, free from the usual pet-related hygiene worries.

How NAMI was born

The Research

Everything starts in 1980 from the innovative mind of the prof. Teruo Higa, a japanese agronomist and microbiologist teaching Tropical Horticulture at the Okinawa University. The constant production of chemical- and hormone-based fertilizers together with his declining health situation - caused by his research on pesticides - lead prof. Higa to start exploring other methods involving the use of microorganisms and photosynthetic bacterias. After several years of failed tries he successfully managed to select and make coexist certain populations of degenerative and regenerative microrganisms. The result was astounding, said populations - according to the science of that time - should have not been able to coexist due to having opposite effects.

The Good Bacterias

In the past, microorganisms and bacterias haven't been regarded as something important for the development of life, nonetheless recent studies have highlighted how essential and fundamental those life forms are for the whole ecosystem, out health and the substain of life itself. Past research categorised the aerobic bacterias (those living only if oxygen is available) as good bacterias and anaerobic bacterias (those being able to proliferate in absence of oxygen) bad bacterias. On the other hand, today it has been proven that even those anaerobic bacterias - Lactobacilli (L. bifidus) living in the walls of our intestines, zymogens (responsible for the fermentation that also produce enzymes), bacterias related to other types of fermentation and the green-blue bacterias that survive through photosynthesis - are populations of extremely important microorganisms. All those live and reproduce feeding onto poisons, dust, pathogens and all that organic waste; in other words, all those things that produce an unattracting smell due to decomposition. Inside NAMI those bacterias related to photosynthesis coexist with those reponsible for fermentation activating other microorganisms through the oxygen production. This way, the degenerative processes are transformed into rigenerative ones.

The idea of the product

In 2003 we start shifting the company toward greener policies, however we being having the need for a completely organic product that we can use in our landscaping projects. Before then we never used chemical products but for those gardens which required stronger nutrients, due to a lower plant growth, we required something capable of giving a life-boost. Whilst browsing the web we found a certain substance which seemed to match what we were looking for at the time. The description mentioned a 100% natural product that stated it was made of microorganisms essential for life. After that, we immediately got to work. We managed to get a hold of Mr. Willy Trinkehauser, owner of a small shop in Alto Adige, booked an appointment and left for Brunico the next day. The same evening, we were back home trying to figure out if that brown liquid, carefully kept inside a recycled plastic bottle, was really the solution for everything. Since then, 15 years have passed. Nowadays, we still collaborate with Willy whom, over time, has not just become a great consultant but also a dear friend. We never left the way of the microorganisms for a second but we kept studying, informing ourselves and experimenting methods to implement microorganisms in new fields.

NAMI becomes a solution for everyone

The rewarding experience with NAMI, just over 15 years ago, showed us that microorganisms can be widely implemented. The areas of application are simply limitless; on a daily basis we receive several reports of NAMI being used in innnovative ways and most importantly always achieving success. Our wish-in-the-botte, is for NAMI to be available to all those people, who feel the need to protect the planet on a daily basis. In order to achieve this, we believe that a constant flow of free and truthful information, carefully researched and provided by our team, is the way for a better future. Only by knowing we are really given a choice.

Buying NAMI

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Start Kit Nami

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The first microorganisms-based organic NAMI soap for our body. Read More>

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Nami Drink

A NAMI-based drink for your daily intake. Read More>

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