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Now try imagine a product that doesn’t just come from Nature but, thanks to some people excellent research, is also available to everyone, cleans when you’re not there and last but not least: doesn’t harm nature in any way.  NAMI is ready for you to give it a chance!

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tanica 3L nuova '23

3L Tank

49€ (VAT included)
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5L Tank

69€ (VAT included)
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10L Tank

130€ (VAT included)

The NAMI tanks are the perfect choice for all those who wish and plan to use NAMI on a daily basis. Thanks to its several uses aside from the household ones, by buying tanks not only it will be cheaper for anyone but NAMI will be better preserved over time. Don’t forget that we will collect, wash & re-use your plastic tank, whilst you hold onto the small tap for your next brand-new tank. Don’t throw them away, help us recycle!

NAMI BASE substitutes all detergents used for housecleaning, can be used to wash your pet’s fur or bowls alike, and the leftover water, not needed anymore, can be simply poured in your flower vases, orchard or garden to improve its yield.

COMPOSITION: Mix of concentrated microorganisms, probiotics, water and molasses. Pure formula not containing any heavy metal or perfume/aromas, cruelty-free (no animal testing).

We’re used to think that cleaning the spaces we live/study/work in is synonym of disinfecting or sterilizing.
The more scented some product are the more we think our house should have the same smell.
Nonetheless, nobody has ever told us that we live surrounded by a microbial environment. It’s also in everything we touch: any object, our houses and even the surface of our skin if full of microorganisms…. And we should be glad its like that!!!
Microorganisms are so important to us that we make use of them on a daily basis without noticing. Just on the surface of our skin, we have billions of different microorganisms each with their own specific role: some eat dead cells, some produce antioxidants to contrast free radicals and others even produce antibiotic substances to fight off pathogens (bacteria carrying infections and diseases).
When we disinfect surfaces using chemical products we kill all the useful microorganisms colonies (our last line of defense) and leave space for pathogens to develop freely.
A disinfected house its not a synonym for clean. By disinfecting we kill everything, including the useful microorganisms.
Cleaning living spaces with NAMI allows us to have a thoroughly clean house thanks to the microorganisms feeding and transforming the dirt into useful substances.
The lactobacillus living in our intestines, the zymogenes (responsible for fermentation and enzyme production), the cyanobacterias needed for photosynthesis and many others microorganisms colonies have all essential roles in the upkeep of environments. They feed on dust, toxic substances, pathogens, molds and everything that has a bad smell due to putrefaction or decomposition.
The microorganisms present in NAMI mainly have two functions: some eat, break down and transform dirt into the right substances (degenerative microorganisms) for some others to take the residual and transform it into substances useful to use such as enzymes, vitamins and antibiotic substances (regenerative microorganisms).
Using cleaning liquids doesn’t take away dirt completely, some is left around home, some in the cloth but doesn’t really go away nor transform into any useful substances for us. Therefore, you could say that by using cleaning liquids you not only iscrease the number of pathogens but also their resilience.
Thanks to the unique microorganism mix, NAMI leaves no space for pathogens to develop, filling up the open spaces with a healthy antioxidant and rigenerative environment.
Additionally, we recreate in our homes, gyms schools etc… a balanced environment filled with the same good microorganisms essential for our health.

Let’s talk about practice now: what can we clean with NAMI?

Practically everything, any surface or living space that requires cleaning

Home, Office, Gym, School, Doctors Office, Restaurants, Hotel Rooms, etc… and here some examples on how to use NAMI.:
KITCHEN: any surface you need to clean, hobs, ovens, faucets and any other surface dirtied with organic material (e.g. food, fat, oils). For the kitchen hoods, you can spray NAMI on the filter and all the dirt is gonna slowly melt and come off easily.If your fridge has a weird smell, with NAMI that’s going to go away. Any metal surface or stone ceramic will not just get cleaned but the microorganisms will also regenerate the dirt into useful substances.
BATHROOM: Perfect for the WC, microorganisms love the dirt of the WC and can clean surfaces back to perfect white. Faucets, spray around where the dirt is forming and then it will come away easily. The ceramic sink and the shower can be left overtime and cleaned later for a more effective use. Obviously, it also works great for ceramic or wooden flooring and/or tiling.
AGAINST THE MOLD:  NAMI is great for fighting mold. Spray concentrated NAMI in the area hit by mold. Leave it overnight, then clean the sprayed surface and spray concentrated NAMI again. After that, clean the surface with a clean sponge and try take away everything because that’s where most of the mold spores are laying. Once the surface has been cleaned in depth, mold will never show up again since the good microorganisms are now populating the said area.  If mold shows ups again, it means all spore weren’t removed the first time so simply repeat the same process again.

AGAINST THE DUST: to dust off surfaces of any kind you can also use NAMI; even those old piece of furniture will gradually have less dust due to the microorganisms taking.

MATTRESSES: NAMI is just perfect for all those allergic to mites. Sprayed diluted from a certain distance afar and the microorganisms in NAMIwill slowly eat the mite eggs and food. Once sprayed, mites won’t be able to live anymore in that environment.
GLASS SURFACES: spray NAMI like any other product and follow the same procedure to clean the surface as you would normally do. Cleaning glass surfaces with NAMI on a daily basis will leave them cleaner for longer. Thanks to the microorganism that will act as a defense for the surface!

SHOE HOLDERS: if you have shoe holders you can spray NAMI insieme them but also inside the shoes; that will take away the smell over time.
AIR CONDITIONING:  if you have some A/C systems home you can also spray diluted NAMI inside the filters. The microorganisms will eat the dirt that comes in with the air and that will result in a cleaner/healthier air inside your living spaces.

How to use NAMI?

easy and quick

NAMI is sold concentrated, both for single bottles and bigger containers, so keep in mind that before using it will have to be diluted.
For home use, take a spray bottle like the one used on laundry right before ironing and put ONE PART NAMI and FIVE PARTS WATER (to help the microorganisms start up use water at room temperature). If you happen to add more NAMI than suggested… nothing will happen but a stronger & more efficient microorganisms force! If you happen to add less than suggested, you’re gonna simply have less microorganisms actively working on tidying up. The great thing about NAMI is that the more it’s used the longer your house will stay clean and the less often it’s going to have to be cleaned.
NAMI is a multipurpose product to be used in any “cleaning”; it doesn’t do any harm to anything and even if you’re cleaning the floor, you can use that same water to improve the quality of your gardens soil. Thanks to its composition made up by billions of good microorganisms,NAMI that ends up in sewages/seas/rivers/filtering systems will help improve the conditions of whichever environment it populates.

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