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A more balanced and healthy body

Finding well-being in harmony

On a daily basis, we’re used to apply a great variety of products to our body in order to stay healthy. Very often, we don’t even pay attention what kind of substances/ingredients make up said products, even though sometimes those might be toxic to us. Sadly, a lot of the “natural” products on the shelves have never really even seen nature once.

The NAMI products for our body are meant to be a solution to all of that. Free of any chemical substance, completely natural and multipurpose, the line NAMI body products has been created to aid your well-being day by day, minute by minute. The unstoppable force of useful microorganisms will slowly bring back your unique microbiome to a balanced “friendly” environment.

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Multi-purpose Lotion

Cosmetic for face, body and hair

Our skin has its own ecosystem hosting several populations of bacteria, and we’re talking more than 500 strands! These microorganisms are what’s called the skin microbiota (also known as skin flora) and take up an important role in protecting our skin, essentially helping out our immune system. Currently, the new frontier in the cosmetic world is trying to find ways to strengthen our skin microbiota, especially the good bacterias, in order to regain the lost equilibrium which would usually let, even the more sensible and hyper-reactive skin, steadily heal. Once your skin microbiota is balanced, your skin and first layer of protection will be healthy.

Toning lotion with low pH for protecting the skin from impurities, leaving the skin hydrated and bright. Thanks to its formula, it adds a variety of useful (and harmless) probiotics which are able to fight off naturally those other bacterias responsible for acne and general bad smells (e.g. armpits, feet etc…); at the same time, it’s perfect for intimate hygiene as well as hair follicles and scalp. 


Probiotic soap bars

SapoNAMI is a unique artisanal soap made by probiotic extracts which hydrate your skin naturally, respecting your microbiota and leaving your skin fresh. The ingredients used to produce soap are all natural. In order to preserve the microorganisms alive (they cannot protect us when they’re dead) and working as “skin patrols”, no additional essences, aromas, preservatives or perfumes have been added.

Water loss control is crucial to a proper skin hydration: water affects aesthetics, mechanical features and sensorial effect. It is common to be untuned in term of water loos control as a consequence of (1) injuries, being exposed to (2) very dry climates, (3) solar rays, or use of (4) products with high concentrations of surfactants or aggressive chemical substances.

Thanks to its formula, SapoNAMI doesn’t attack the hydrolipidic film but also prepares the ground for the microbiome to be restored at a later date by our multi-purpose lotion.

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