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Plasters are products used to refine/add details on a variety of different masonries ; it’s often applied at different widths and even on ceilings. IntoNAMI is very unique because it directly affects the treated area without havingnegative consequences on the environment, hence resulting in an improved well-being.

IntoNAMI was born in Nature and will return to it once its cycle is completed. Remember that intoNAMI is only made up by biodegradable materials. Only with just 1cm of intoNAMI on your walls, you’ll be able to solve a great variety of issues related to mold, humidity and cold.

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IntoNAMI: NAMI plaster for construction

Mix composition

IntoNAMI is a natural highly breathable thermal plaster made up of thin hemp shives, natural dolomitic binder and NAMI (microorganisms mix). The main cellulose component of hemp together with the unique special properties of aerial lime and microorganisms NAMI, make the plaster IntoNAMI the best product available on the market to regulate walls humidity and eradicate mold. To the final mix, NAMI (acting as an enzymatic booster) will have to be added.

What is lime?

Slaked lime putty is the oldest aerial binder known to the current day which is still reacting with air on building of more than 2000 years old.

What are hemp shives?

Hemp shives are the discarded wooden part of the hemp plant that thanks to its micro-capillarity does an excellent job in managing the movement of water vapour.

What is water?

Water is the most abundant and common to find activator present in nature.

Once intoNAMI has been full mixed, we suggest keeping it in this state until before use. In order to accelerate the enzymatic activity and the chemical processes, remember to add 500mL of Concentrated Base NAMI per bucket of plaster.


Il nostro mix di microrganismi NAMI

 What issues are we getting rid of?

Unhealthy disequilibrium in our living spaces


We need to be aware that in our living spaces, there can be things that alter our well-being; said things ends up becoming negative living aspects that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

  • Walls with clear signs of mold and/or bad smells
  • Overly-humid living spaces and little living comfort
  • Walls having a cold surface temperature
  • Plaster or paintings slowly falling off just a few months after application
  • Thermal dispersion of walls (solution translate into energy savings)
  • Recovery of old masonries/plasters affected by the passing of time or small fissures

Advantages of IntoNAMI

A living and breathing plaster

IntoNAMI has three main characteristic that separate it from the rest. Thanks to its unique composition it doesn’t just act as insulation but it also irradiate heat; additionally, the microorganism presence will make sure moulds will just be a memory of the past.


Breathing surrounded by moldy living spaces can end up causing serious illnesses overtime. Thanks to IntoNAMI, microorganisms will start settling on the treated areas, transforming the current environment into an unattractive environment for molds. Fighting nature with nature!

Irradiate Heat

The way we perceive heat or cold doesn’t just depend on the temperature of a certain environment but also from the walls surface temperature and the relative air humidity. Thanks to its hemp and limestone base structure. IntoNAMI is great for solving both issues at the same time, transforming a cold ,unwelcoming space into a warm, welcoming spot to enjoy.

Thermal Isolation

By applying IntoNAMI at different widths (around 1-3cm) you can let your imagination run free by adding small details, corrections etc… to your home; amazingly enough, if total width of layer is 6cm, IntoNAMI becomes a complete thermal isolator. Several are the advantages of suing IntoNAMI over other common plasters but most importantly it doesn’t require any other additional products; all the world otherwise needed to manage humidity, water movement and temperature variations, will be handled by the mix itself.

How to apply IntoNAMI

What can we do with this material?

Applying IntoNAMI indoor, can vary around 1-3cm and be used for small details/corrections. The material takes a few days to harden and thats why we suggest to “accompany” it the following days by constantly shaping it to the wanted final shape. It’s also possible to color IntoNAMI with lime-based colours, during mixing process or after it has been applied. IntoNAMI natural colour is an ocre yellow (only first month) which shifts to a “warm” white once it dried up properly.

When applied outdoors, IntoNAMI is a great plaster that will not fall off due to humidity, even if underwater! Layers of 6cm or more are considered to act as completely thermal insulators.

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