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Patrizia e Alessandro

Pioneers…on the pursuit of

Patrizia, a visionary with always something new on her mind. She has a passion to create from scratch, transform and feel the harmony of a place; no matter where she find herself, she has the gift to embody this peace of living in all her projects, be it just homes or gardens too. She consider respecting nature of outmost priority and since the beginning she strived to make her family live in places – in the woods or next to a lake, for example –  where they could at least hear birds singing, enjoy the silence once in a while and walk barefoot on the grass. The same places where the occasional silence of nature was a much welcomed blessing.

She loves to travel, discover new places and meet new people. She thinks that discovering new lifestyles around the world is, among other things, a one-way ticket to open up your mind and understand that an individual’s way of living is not the only one existing. Each one of us, picks the lifestyle that suit her/him best in that precise moment in time and contemporarily should be open to changes that affect said lifestyle in the future. She is, like the rest of the family, a true bookworm and love being surrounded by books.

Alessandro, Patrizia’s husband, is the rational part of the couple; he likes to bond the technical side of things together with creativity in order to accmomplish common goals and find more efficient solutions. He loves facing innovative projects and designs that make him grow personally and push his current skills to change, shapeshift and eventually improve for the better. He believes that travelling, his biggest passion among others, is a way to discover new things, new environments and new opportunities to grow as a person. Thanks to the unique bond he created over 30-years of collaboration, nature has become (and has always been) his one and only life-coach.


Massimiliano, the son, he also has an intimate connection with nature. Since he was a child, he had the luck to grow up surrounded by animals (be it cats, dogs, turtles and much more) so Nature became a part of his life and continues to do so nowadays. He loves travelling so much that one day he’s dreaming of visiting all the countries in the world, at least once. The past two years he spent his time travelling around Latin America all the way from Cuba to Patagonia discovering new cultures, new places and more importantly new lifestyles. He has a passion for photography and has documented the world since he was given his first camera at an early age. Today, he’s still travelling around the world without having a fixed “home” and writes his experiences in his unique travel blog.

Altogether, we’ve been working in the ecosustainability and organic field for several years. The food we eat, our daily routine, our jobs and projects as well as the realtionships with other people all follow this philosophy.

All of us, each one with his/her own talents, takes part in our daily task to spread the word for more sensible way of living, in accordance to nature’s will.

We’re not perfect, that feat is impossible, but we try to follow our own philosophy as good as we can. We love to help others and share experiences because that’s where we think the core for happinnes and health lays: making a better world for ourselves.

P.S. We also have two cats, Pallina (20 years old) and Stella (11 years old), both also part of the family.

Patrizia Krisa: Double Nationality (Italian/Austrian), Psychology BA, Languages, Philosophy, Homeopathy, Organic Food, Interior & Exterior Designer.

Alessandro Griso: Italian, Nature Lover, Surveyor, Landscape Designing MA, Architect & Exterior Designer.

Massimiliano Krisa: Double Nationality (Italian/Austrian), Zoology & Animal Conservation BA, Professional Photographer, Translator, Web Designer, Blogger and Content Manager.

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